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  1. Lies

    In the softness of your touch I am almost lost
    The horrors I have stored like the placing on shelves
    Of number one, two, three deaths.
    Four, five and six sit behind, as if to hide
    I know, I remember each one
    But I am cleansed by your not knowing
    You do not see the drops of blood lodged
    In the depths of my soul...

    So we laugh but I turn away, I am unclean
    Still your eyes see this other different man
    A soft face, holding no horrors, no fear
    I look at him in your eyes and begin to feel
    I can never erase, I can never go back
    He is gone, but I can't tell you
    So in your purity of thought he lives
    This hero, this Demi God, he lives
    But I have died.

    Marguerite Rami

    Early 2011 

    The thoughts of what has been done in the name of war,
    and the coming home, what then?

  2. The warmth of the sun

    He fell silently, whilst the sun shone on his face
    He looked beautiful, bronzed  with not a mark on him
    He could have been asleep,
    We didn't know, we carried on with our day
    There should have been a feeling, a sense, a warning
    But there was nothing, it would be  a full twenty hours before we knew

    He still slept, with the sun on his face, it took time
    Time to hold him, to move him, to kiss him, to love him
    They left him sleeping, until the afternoon before they moved him
    It wasn't safe they said, so he slept in the sun, still complying 
    Waiting for his comrades to pick him up
    We waited for him to come home, now we knew
    The awful truth...

    We buried him on a beautiful sunlit day, the kind of day
    You remember forever, he would have loved this day
    With the wild flowers of rose, running free, lavender to 
    Cover his soul, and rosemary and bay leaves to mark the spot
    Of an English soldier lying  still, on a beautiful warm afternoon...

    Marguerite Rami


  3. Our Fallen Heroes

    When our future generations
    They ask us the question “why”
    About our fallen heroes
    And why did they have to die

    We’ll tell them, to liberate a country
    To free it’s people from fear
    To make this world a better place
    Though a price they paid so dear

    No matter whom you are
    Or wherever you come from
    Each and every one of us should know
    They gave their lives for our “freedom”

    Our darkest day came upon us
    When the good lord took them to heaven
    Without a chance to say goodbye
    No warnings we were given

    A solemn promise we declare
    No one can ever contest
    Our memories of them all shall live forever
    Quite simply they were the best

    Our final word of notion
    To our heroes we shall sorely miss
    We hope one day we’ll meet again
    Rest in peace OUR FALLEN HEROES and god bless

    Written by Larry Tickle
    Ex 14th/20th Kings Hussars
    11th April 2003
    Copyright (c)

  4. This is is a song I wrote for my father a veteran of D Day.

    Take a breath. 4th May 2012

    When the wind is a rising
    And the storm clouds flying
    And your heart is pounding so loud
    You feel you should be running
    But your feet are dragging
    And your head is spinning round

    Chorus; Take a breath
    Think of a cool sweet morning
    That will come when
    The storm has gone away
    Take a breath
    Take it deep into your heart now
    The storm will pass
    And there will be a brand new day

    Look around this old world and
    See the flags are flying
    Hear the voices crying out for love
    In the streets they are shouting
    And the guns they are firing
    See the tears in the eyes of the dove

    When the wars are all over
    There’ll be tears from the mother
    For the children who are all dead
    Angry men will say they’re sorry
    They will march and they will sing songs
    And say it won’t happen again.

  5. A soldiers last letter

    My dream was to become a soldier,
    To honour and defend
    To fight for my country until the bitter end.
    So as I wait in my final hours of battle
    My instructions I have prepared
    A loving letter to those for whom I truly cared.
    A soldier’s last entry
    Into their journal of the war
    A last declaration from the post I fought so hard for.
    Be proud of what I have accomplished
    I knew the risks were high
    Plenty tried to warn me of the possibility I could die.
    So in my last letter I beg you to remember
    Joining the army was a job I loved to do
    Yet it could never come close to the love I held for you.
    So please always remember the brave soldiers
    The great sacrifice that was made
    To fight for our country in the hope that others we would saved.
    All we truly ask for is that you wear your poppy with pride.
    Remember how much I loved to serve you
    A challenge I faced with courage
    From battle I couldn’t hide.
    (c)2012 Susan Logan

  6. A soldier's tale.
    I knew what I was joining when I signed up for the war,
    A dream since a small boy, what I trained all my life for.
    But this wasn’t no call of duty or other computer game.
    This was war on another level, where life would never be the same.
    As I hid in the deserts or walked through villages and towns
    I knew to be vigilant and the importance of not making a sound.
    Always in the enemies shadows waiting for the attack,
    Our aim to be quicker when they fought back.
    I saw horrid sights which are unrepeatable, but never shall I forget
    Etched in my memory, not like footage in the games you get.
    This is a true life horror on a scale I’ve known
    You don’t want to witness the aftermath of a soldier when a roadside bomb has just blown.
    So as you play your x-box or ps3, forget everything you thought it might be
    As many soldiers have learned before, it’s so much more.
    I went to serve my country in the army, I luckily returned with pride.
    Yet from the public I served to protect, is exactly from whom I hide.
    Locked inside my head with my memories, things I can’t erase.
    Constantly relieving nightmares, waking up in a daze.
    I am a proud soldier, for this country I did fight
    Yet my fight is truly beginning, a fight to survive the day and night.
    ©2013 Susie Logan


  7. From Charles Lynch

    MY GUN

    This is my gun as hard as a stone
    Cold in the morning, hot in the sun
    Does what it’s told, loves to obey
    Loves to be held, wants to go play
    Likes a full belly, never tells lies
    Has no heart no soul no eyes
    Wants to go walking out in the bush
    Does all the talking, boy what a rush
    Has its own language, well understood
    Always respected seldom does good
    Made to take life, never gives birth
    Makes you a king, master of earth
    Sleeps in your bed, likes to stay warm
    Treated good it will keep you from harm
    A friend and a lover it will always be
    This is my gun, God gave it to me.



    I creep through the rubble of a moonlit night
    Guns are firing on the left and right
    Watching the windows to see if they move
    Go find a tank, if they do
    Swimming through oceans of shattered brick
    Find me an island and smoke me a stick
    There’s a machine gun nest in a basement hole
    Toss in a grenade, no problem got more
    Peek round a corner get dust in my eye
    Spot me a sniper I aim, he dies
    I sprint cross the street and into a door
    Quick look around and I’m safe once more
    I check all the rooms, nobody’s here
    Except for some dead guys and all of their beer
    So I find me a corner and pop me a cap
    I take a long drink, and gently lean back
    And let the battle fade away
    I found a nice spot so here I’ll stay
    But the sun came up along with the war
    The beer’s all gone I wish I had more
    There’s a tank in the street and its not ours
    I’ll wait for awhile and see if it sours
    Kaboom! kabang! Up she goes
    No one got out well whaddaya know
    I peek ‘cross the street at some crouching men
    They start dropping as I work my gun
    Then I realize I gotta get out of here
    I’m not in trouble, I need a beer
    I sprint across the street, bullets clicking my heels
    And bust through a door I could sure use a meal
    There’s more dead guys so I search through their packs
    Salami and cheese sawdust bread in a sack
    Three bottles of schnapps and some wine that’s red
    I gnaw and I chew until I’m fed
    Then I wash it all down with the bottle of wine
    My belly is full and I’m feeling fine
    I start checking rooms to find me a cot
    So I go upstairs and find that there’s not
    I peek round a corner and a sniper peeks back
    A minute later I’m rummaging his pack
    More schnapps and wine and a girlie book
    So I ease up to a window and have a look
    Down below the battle has changed
    Our boys are gone, the enemy reigns
    Oh boy, oh great, now I’m stuck in this place
    So I sneak to the roof in absolute haste
    I find me a duct and crawl right in
    And open a bottle of German gin
    Down below there is no peace
    So I dig through my pack and cut me some cheese
    The salami’s gone so bite off some bread
    And empty the bottle of wine that is red
    I pull out my blanket and wrap up tight
    And wait for the dark and the safety of night
    Then I’ll sneak and I’ll creep and get out of here
    And see if I can find me some more of that beer.

    From Charles Lynch


  9. \


    A drink of sake then I’m locked in my plane
    I’m proud to die in the emperors’ name
    I lift from the ground as hundreds wave
    And aim my casket towards my grave
    We gather up, a flock of hawks
    The radio crackles a general talks
    Warriors of Japan of the highest honor
    Are given the task to protect our border
    The enemy ships are nearing our coast
    They must be stopped, they must not boast
    Thousands died when our cities were burned
    Millions more unless they are turned
    Its the highest honor to give your life
    To save your country the child the wife
    The divine wind that saved us once before
    Is now your name so win this war
    Soon they’ll tire of their sinking ships
    The crying mothers, the cursing lips
    They’ll leave us alone and back away
    Japan will be safe, you’ll save the day
    My chest filled and swelled with pride
    For Japan I will truly and gladly die
    I check my gauges and wave at my friends
    They wave back and waggle their wings
    Down below is the enemy fleet
    Cannon shells come up to meet
    Some friends explode and spiral down
    I twist an turn and spin around
    I pick a ship and aim my bomb
    I flick a switch and make it arm
    Family and friends are in there with me
    I know that they’ll all be proud you’ll see
    I touch their photos and smiling faces
    And remember good times and happy places
    I pray to the emperor to guide my hand
    To aim my weapon and save our land
    It’s my turn to dive, I will not fail
    I cannot escape, there’s no way to bail
    I take my aim, the guns do too
    Explosions around me but I fly through
    A crack in the glass, a chip off the wing
    The tracers come closer the earphones sing
    Heroes of japan your country calls
    You are the bravest men of all
    Your nation salutes you, we will honor your name
    Forever spoken in honor and fame
    I swing to the right to dodge the flak
    Then correct my move to complete the attack
    The carrier deck widens below
    I’m diving in, my guns let go
    They feverishly fire, no shots are true
    The deck comes closer, it fills my view
    I shove my stick and aim straight down
    I can see their eyes, big and round
    Then I………………………………………………………

    From Charles lynch author of The Orange Barrel

  10. Hiya This is the poem which I wrote in memory of the soldier sadly killed last week in England. Hope you like. x
    Freedom isn't free.
    Our soldiers fight for freedom but it doesn't come free
    If those in Britain don’t believe this, take a look at what happened to me.
    Just outside safety, my barracks within sight.
    A sudden attack from behind me, I had no chance to fight.
    Look after my little boy I beg you, hold him by the hand,
    Teach him how to play the drums just as I had planned.
    Let not his heart be filled with hatred for those who caused my death,
    And may he always know I loved him with every single breath.
    I could never have predicted what was about to unfold,
    But I served my Army with the pride and honour
    a joy in heaven I will continue to hold.
    I promise to watch over my comrades,
    Keep them as safe as I can.
    May my drums continue to be heard throughout the British land.
    ©2013 Susan Logan
    All rights reserved.

  11.   It's that time of year when I feel the chill of fear, As we stand at the Cenotaph we all fight a tear   We remember those who fought and now are gone Gordon, Barry, Gus,  Walter and John   For the men and woman who fight for our freedom We pray for their safety and a swift journey home   But why is it only one day out of the year we pray Surely every one is a Remembrance Day   For those that have gone there is no tomorrow For those that remain there is only sorrow   So raise a glass and salute those that have fallen And on this day November eleven we can say   "WE WILL REMEMBER THEM"

    Tom Murray

  12. Headlines!

    It’s all about the headlines, by-lines and deadlines but what’s behind it all, is it just rhetoric especially when another brother warrior will, by his own hand fall.

    Shocking statistics abound they say there’s plenty of help around, this charity and that but no coordination and nothing from the government we served then cast aside just like tat.

    The PC brigade moan “you signed up for this did you expect?” We fought for your freedom of speech and democratic rights what’s the matter in return that we get a bit of respect?

    As per usual it’s left up to us working together to help one and other, helping a sister from another mister a brother from another mother.

    Some of us have seen things that we keep bottled up inside, it torments us to the point where we just want to run and hide but it’s still rife for some to take their own life.

    This is us warts and all when we are in the army we actually do have a ball. But when you are exposed to certain horrors this is when we discover we aren't bulletproof but human after all.

    My personal story is one I use poetry to tell but certain incidents and experiences keep me locked in my own wee personal hell we all have a deep dark side and pray that I never ever contemplate suicide.

    So instead of headlines do you know what I would like to see? For those we protected and those we served get off their arses and provide the help that is deserved.

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