Thursday, 10 February 2011

War Poetry Africa

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  1. The Price of Freedom

    A ghostly image of a soldier
    stood in the background,
    as a mother with a babe in her
    arms stood by a grave site.

    She lowly whispered, "Father
    this is your son. Son this is your
    father, he gave his life so
    that others might live."

    Shirley Smothers

    Being a woman and a vetered
    I realize that women die
    and leave behind families.
    I wrote this poem before women
    were allowed into battle conditions.


    Second of February 2002 I saw you.
    A young girl no more than twelve I'd say
    happily dancing in snow.
    The first snow of Winter they said.
    I wanted to reach out and join in your happiness
    but couldn't.
    You were after all thousands of miles away
    in the land of Mohammed.
    Graveyard of empires.
    And yet there you were in my sitting room
    via the television.
    For weeks I had been watching the news.
    The unrelenting bombing of Tora Bora.
    Operation Enduring Freedom
    they called it.
    I watched in awe at this beautiful scene
    of a young girl dancing in snow.
    A brilliant white the sign of peace
    falling from high Heaven.
    What a contrast from B52's
    belching out their cargo of death
    in the sure knowledge that their enemies
    have nothing to reach them.
    They say love can move mountains.
    I say bombs will only distort them
    and strengthen the peoples resolve.
    History can and does repeat itself.
    Might is not always right
    Try talking.

    Michael " The Sheriff " Sheils

    Hi All Its Been A While Since The Last Time I Was Around That Day I Was Lowered Into The Ground. I'm Getting Settled In The Only Problem It’s A Bit Boring For A Squaddie Here There Isn't Any Fags And Certainly No Beer. The Sad Thing Is There Are More And More Of Us Now We All Get To Hang Out Together Doesn’t Matter What Rank We Were We All Get Treated Like One Of The Mow.
    Its Amazing What You Can See From Up Here I Even Watched All My Mates In The Mess Toasting My Farewell With Cans Of Beer, Must Admit It Made Me Shed A Tear. Don't Worry About Me I Have Good Mates Up Here, There's Gordon, Barry, John, Walter Sam, Robert, Sav And Gus They All Send Their Best Wishes, So Don't Worry About Any Of Us
    Missing You All But The Bonus Is I Get To See You All Every Day , I Love To See You All Messing About And Its Still Funny When Mum Sings . Have To Go For Now I'm Keeping An Eye On A Wee Squaddie In The Ghan, Just Remember I'm Your Guardian Angel Up Here And I Will Look After You And My Bothers In Arms The Best I Can

    Dedicated To The Fallen

    Copyright © 2013 Tom Murray All Rights Reserved

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